Tampere Tigers 2016

Baseball ja Softball-seura Tampere Tigers ry


Tampere Tigers on 2004 perustettu baseball-seura. Kaudella 2017 seuralla on edustusjoukkue SM-sarjassa, kakkosjoukkue Suomi-sarjassa (1-div) sekä naisten softball-joukkue. Tigers harjoittelee ja pelaa kotipelinsä Pirkkahallin kentällä. Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere

Tampere Tigers Baseball and Softball Club

Tampere Tigers is a baseball and softball club founded in 2004. The club competes in the two competitive Finnish Baseball Leagues (SM Sarja and Suomi Sarja) and it also has a women's softball team. In 2019 the Tigers are practicing and playing their home games at Pirkkahalli indoor and outdoor fields. Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere

Tigers 2019 Season calendar (Orange is Suomi Sarja)


Talviharjoitukset/ Winter training Baseball and Softball (2019-20)

Paikka/Place: Pirkkahalli, Hall C (Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere)

- Tuesdays 18:00
- Thursdays 18.00


Harjoitukset/ Practice 2020

Kesäharjoitukset Pirkkahallin hiekkakentällä / During the season practice shifts are in Pirkkahalli Kenttä (Ilmailunkatu 11)

- Keskiviikkoisin miesten baseball 18-20 ja / Wednesdays baseball 18-20 and
- Sunnuntaisin miesten baseball 18-20. / Sundays baseball 18-20

- Sunnuntaisin naisten softball 18-20 / Sundays women's sotball 18-20


Naisten softball-joukkue/ Women's softball team

Olemme perustaneet naisten softball-joukkueen, johon haemme uusia pelaajia! Lisätietoja antaa softball-joukkueen vetäjä Katja Savinainen (044-3247179, katja.savinainen@gmail.com).

We have set up a women's softball team for which we are looking for new players! For more information, please contact the softball team leader Katja Savinainen (044-3247179, katja.savinainen@gmail.com).


Junior Teams

With the help of MansePP we have stablished our Junior teams during the summer of 2018. We will be having training and tournament sessions for kids 6-12 from all schools in Tampere during the summer. If you are interested in participating please contact us. Dates and details for each season will be confirmed here.


Uudet pelaajat/ New Players

Etsimme jakuvasti uusia pelaajia! Voit olla joko aloittelija tai kokenut. Olemme aikuisten joukkue, mutta myös alle 18-vuotiaat ovat tervetulleita. Tule harjoituksiin tai ota yhteyttä. Aluksi saat tarvittavat varusteet (maila, räpylä ja kypärä) lainaan seuralta.

We are looking for new baseball and softball players! All ages and levels are welcomed! Come straight to practice or contact us. We have the necessary equipment for you (glove, bat, helmet etc.) so you don't need to bring anything.

tigers@baseball.fi / +358 405092696 / Or use the contact form

Partners/Supporters/Sponsors needed!

We are looking for partners to help materialize our long term programs:

  • Stablishment of a Junior/kids little league to guarantee the practice of the sport.
  • Development of our women's Softball Team (The only one in the country)
  • Construction of our own baseball field (There is only one in Finland in Lahti)

If you or your company wants to make a difference and become a pioneer by supporting a very popular sport outside that doesn't get much attention in Finland, please contact us! Any help is welcomed!



Phone: +358 405092696

email: tigers@baseball.fi

Twitter: @TampereTigers