Tampere Tigers is a baseball and softball club founded in 2004. The club competes in the Finnish Baseball Leagues (SM Sarja and Suomi Sarja) and it also has a women's softball team and a Juniors program.  The Tigers are practicing and playing their home games at Pirkkahalli indoor and outdoor fields in Ilmailunkatu 20 and 11, 33900 Tampere. The Juniors practice in Tesoma sports hall and Tesoma baseball field in Tesoman valtatie 46 and 44, 33310 Tampere.

2021 Tampere Tigers
SM Sarja Team, 2021 National Champions

Season 2024

2024 Calendar
Tampere Tigers Softball, 2021 National Champions

Juniors 2024 season enrollment form:


​​​Winter practice (2024)
Pirkkahalli, D Hall (Ilmailunkatu 20)

- Wednesdays 21-22:30 (Baseball and Softball)

Summer practice (2024)
Pirkkahalli, outdoor field (Ilmailunkatu 11)

- Wednesdays 18-20 (Baseball and Softball)
- Sundays 18-20 (Baseball and Softball)

Women's softball team

Tigers Softball is the current softball champion in Finland. Our aim is to build a strong team to compete internationally and to provide players for the National Team and their aspirations to participate in the Summer Olympics. For more information, please contact us: tampere.tigers.softball@gmail.com or tigers@baseball.fi 


The 2024 season runs from February to September. The club participates in several international friendly tournaments in Finland and in the Baltics. Boys and girls 7-15 are welcomed to join the team and participate at any time during the season. The team is split by ages. The juniors home is Tesoma hall in the winter and Tesoma pesapallo field in the summer. More information: tigers@baseball.fi / Mauricio: 0442911232

Juniors winter practice (2024)
Tesoma sports hall (Tesoman valtatie 46)

- Sundays 10-12

Juniors summer practice (2024)
Tesoma baseball field (Tesoman valtatie 44)

- Thursdays 16-18

New Players wanted

We are always looking for new baseball and softball players! All ages and levels are welcomed! (Including absolute beginners) Come straight to practice or contact us. We have the necessary equipment for you (glove, bat, helmet etc.) so you don't need to bring anything. Practice is Free of charge!

tigers@baseball.fi / +358 405092696 / Or use the Contact form

Become a sponsor

Yearly operations are covered by each club member fees, but the Club has a development program that needs financing to support: 

1. Little leagues: For juniors (7 to 13) to ensure the survival of the sport in our city

2. Softball team: With the help of Pesäpallo crossover players we work to put together a team that can compete internationally. We are the current champions of Finland.

3. Baseball field: A permanent home for baseball in Tampere is needed to guarantee the practice of the sport in the city. 

You can become a pioneer by helping popularise baseball and softball in a country with so much potential due to the practice of pesapallo. Any form of support is welcomed. Contact us for more information on how to help. 

Thank you!

Tampere Tigers Supporters:

Tampere Tigers Sponsors: